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As a donor to the Central Valley Farmland Trust, your support will play an important role in protecting our state’s most productive farmlands.

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What’s a DONOR anyway?

A donor is an individual who gives money to CVFT.  Donations are accepted at any time.   Donors are added to our mailing list, and may be invited to events depending upon the size of their donation.  Donations are not tied to a particular “membership” period or level. As a non-profit, all you gifts to our organization are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Why should I become a DONOR to CVFT?

Farmland in California is being paved over at a rate of 50,000+ acres every year and farmland is not, cannot, be made somewhere else. There are only four other places on earth with the soils and climate of the Central Valley of California. Locally, nationally, globally we cannot afford to lose these essential, life-susatining lands. They grow food, provide jobs, ensure open and thriving landscapes… and gives critters and wildlife places to thrive.

CVFT needs partners like you to stop the paving over of farmland and keep family farmers on the land, producing our food, ensuing a stable ag economy and providing the security of our food supply.

Give Today…

CVFT accepts donations in any amount, but suggests 5 specific amounts.  Each suggested donation amount is described in terms of how it helps protect farmland.  Suggested donation amounts are:

$50 Protects enough land to grow enough tomatoes for 110 sandwiches
$100 Protects enough land for 3 almond trees
$250 Protects a tennis court size piece of farmland
$500 Sends a classroom to a farm

I want to make sure family farms and food are protected in California, today and always:
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Central Valley Farmland Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3), our tax ID: 77-056494